Monday, 23 January 2012

More than Make Do and Mend.

I have recently had to remind myself to start not just thinking in the make do and mend terms but something a little more than that. The story begins with a lovely pair of boots bought at the beginning of winter and another pair of lovely walking boots bought for my birthday last year. We know purchases like this are costly and rather than letting them rot away in the mud it is time to actively look after what I have.

Yes our boots are a sorry state but I think the make do and mend have missed an opportunity of 'cherish what you already own' by looking after it. I spent Sunday with Callum dubbing our boots.

For me it bought back happy childhood memories of cleaning our school shoes on a a Sunday evening ( Callum found this very hard to believe that people really did that kind of thing!) I also though that it bought a sense of achievement to Callum and he was really proud of his shinny boots.

So for a sense of pride, knowledge that your belongings will last longer and I promise you will feel the love, start to cherish and look after your belongings.


Carly said...

Charlotte, I know exactly what you mean! You can't beat the feeling of putting in a bit of effort and getting a lovely shiny pair of boots in return xx

Wendy said...

They look great! We had the same tradition when I was growing up though ours were done on Sunday morning, and we had to do my mums Horse-brasses as well...the horrid smell of basso still makes me nostalgic!