Monday, 27 February 2012

Some things.

Some times I think I must bore you all with my "look what I did today blog" . But then again it is an example of a family trying to live a simple loving life, and yes I do love to share! So here I go again.......

I have been over come with the joys of spring! My aching muscles are loving every minute! With the start of the good weather every gardener is out, preparing.  So from this :

To this:

And this :

Although we have had raised beds for many years sadly they have rotted somewhat and we all worked hard to up grade the garden. Arthur loved to do EVEYTHING that Daddy did!

A little speak preview of the bounty coming our way. I just love the way leaves unfurl themselves.

I also stocked up from the library on inspiration, The weather has been to good that I haven't had a chance to look at therm yet!

Have you sprung into spring yet?

Give away week.

Just to let you all know that I am holding a give away week on my sew far sew good blog.  it's mt blogs first birthday and I thought I would share the fun.

Please come and join me.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Planting Trees

We had a wonderful weekend, although there has been some hard frosts  an area where a little tree planting took place was still suitable. I belong to the Women's Environmental Network, Crediton group, the lovely Kate applied to the Woodland trust for, yes Trees! We had a 420 trees that are native species, put along a bank to create a hedge on a wonderful small apple orchard.  The trees planted where mixed dog rose, elder, hazel and crab apple. Kate's plans are that in the future picking and gathering parties will return to this site, it should also encourage wildlife.

A good group of us working away, suitable for all ages.

Look at how small they are to start, the plastic coverings protect them from the rabbits.

A good job done, over 250 planted in just a couple of hours

Kate gave a me an apple tree to take home and plant myself. They had to show me what to do and how to care for it. 
I has a wonderful time, it has really inspired me to get out and do some work in my own garden.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Ice Art.

The weather has been a little chilly here. On our dog walks Arthur and I noticed how deep the ice was, we thought this a great opportunity to make ice art of our own. We collected leaves on our walk and found some primrose leaves in our garden.
We then got a collection of pots and plastic containers put a little water in and placed s peace of matertial that would be the hanger. Also all the leaves placed in the water, which Arthur really enjoyed!

We left the containers out over night and they had frozen to create our amazing ice art!

We took them out of the containers to see the beauty. Can you tell I loved this, it was so lovely and Arthur had completely lost interest by now and went off to play with tractor's whilst I still took loads of photos!!

This reminds me of animals found in amber.

I long to do it all over again!!

Valentines Swap 2012.

The lovely Linda from Natural Suburbia has hosted the valentines swap.

My lovely swap partner is or was  Julie from Jewel Tomes I really really loved this swap. I felt that I have got to know someone new. I also loved to put a little package together, trying to get things Julie would like!

Here is my goodies that came all the way from New York!

Julie was so utterly kind, I love love love it all. The hand knitted face cloth has long been on my to do list but now Julie has saved me a job.

But look at this amazing hat, I long to be able to knit this well.  So sweet, luckily it was cold and snowed when it arrived so I wore it all day long.

Julie thank you so much, wonderful gifts.