Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Home Corner

With the start of term in just a couple of weeks I thought it was a good time to prepare. I am a childminder to Arthur's friends, and we have had a lovely summer on our own soon the boys and girls will be returning to play with us most days.
I thought a home corner would be really nice as Arthur is really into role play at the moment. I moved everything away. I love doing this makes my living room feel new all over again! Unfortunately I had a small piece of plaster coming off the wall, by the time I had finished it was a rather big space! Knowing i don't have time to deal with this I have made the homely corner more homely by just covering it up!
When I was looking to cover the space up I found an old rag rug the I had many years ago and it fits in perfectly, Arthur jumped on it straight away.

  I think my make do and mend or rather more of the make do effort looks good. A duvet cover and a felt animal scene that I have been waiting to get up somewhere all seems to have come together. Arthur likes the home corner and rushed in to tuck baby into the crib.

I am pleased with my days work, but I feel a little something more is needed. I feel it is good that areas grow over time, I was thinking a table and chairs in the form of a tree trunk and logs for chairs all sandpapered and varnished. A little secret woodland home?

Friday, 19 August 2011

Creative Fridays, Mythic Garden Visit.

I really enjoy taking part in creative Friday, following Natural Suburbia blog.I naturally find I am creative as often as possible and it is good to challenge myself by getting my children to be more creative too.
Today though I thought seeing as the weather has picked up again here in the UK it would be a good time to explore others creative efforts. So of to the Mythic Gardens on the edge of Dartmoor, Devon. I truly love this place, set in 5 acres of woodland, an arboretum with many species of silver birch. The sculptures are wonderful, magical in fact, along with those that are homed here permanently, they have new offerings every year, so it is a great place to go year after year! Although out of my price range, all the sculptures are for sale.
Now you will have to excuse me as this now becomes a photo fest, something I don't normally do is put many many photos up in one go. But this is such an amazing place I wanted you to experience it as much as possible!

The lady on the sheep is actually made by someone I know, not only does she have a smallholding, make here clothes, knit and make everything!! She is also a talented artist, one of my favourite pecies at the Mythic Gardens. If you are ever pass, do pop in !

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

There's a little place I know..........

Have I told you how much I love this time of year? For the simple fact that there is masses of lovely fresh fruit and veg everywhere. There is always something to make, and my taste buds are buzzing making all sorts to see us through till next year, when I get to start all over again!
There is a little place I know that has three wonderful plum trees. I have never seen anyone else picking from these trees and every year there are kilos and kilos, I pick bag fulls ready to make all sorts. This photo is in fact my second batch of plums.

I have become a plum snob as I can only eat good English and in season plums, nothing else compares. I make a good batch of jam, I like it rather tart! I also add loads to chutneys and I make a plum ketchup which is received with love from Mr PB as he has an allergy to anything from the tomato family, so he often lacks sauces and chutneys  ( but luckily he married the right girl and now his taste buds are happy).

I have also been rather inspired by rag rugs, in the past I have made a lovely wall hanging but what do you think of my rag rose broche?