Friday, 20 January 2012

Perfect Days.

Personally I could have a million variations of a perfect day, depending on my mood the weather etc. But yesterday I did have a perfect day. As many of you know I love to sew, dressmaking is on the top of my to do list (in fact if I finish this post quick enough I will have sewing machine out again!) So to manage to spend 3-4 hours making my skirt made me so so happy.

I have post about the Colette sew along I'm taking part in on my other blog

The reason it all worked of course was all the other little factors such as, we have had a few busy days so Arthur really enjoyed playing with his toys o his own. I ignored the washing up but made myself feel clever my having a pot of marmalade bubbling on the stove.  It made 12 jars worth in the end!

It felt so nice to spend time doing things I loved without having to leave the house, or to make sure someone was entertaining little ones. how do you manage time to yourselves or like me, the best days are spontaneous?

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Carly said...

I love the skirt Charlotte, it looks great! My best days are always the spontaneous ones too, when I expect nothing much to be achieved, it somehow always is! :) xx