Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Yarn along

Yarning along with Ginny, she writes such a beautiful blog  or press the button at the side!  Today I have picked up the knitting needles after my disater waistcoat, which taught me not to aim so high. Also the comments of support I had from other bloggers was so heart warming, thankyou.

So on a smaller scale, I am making MrPB a face cloth, I'm thinking of making him up a washset for his birthday which will be soon. A few hand made goodies is always nice.

So I have only just started, cream all cotton, and stash busting too!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Mini holiday at home. part 2.

Still blessed with the most amazing sunshine and warmth we headed to the beach. We spent the whole day grazing on food and ambling from one place to the other, it really did feel like a holiday.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Mini holiday at home. part1.

With the welcome sunny days of spring we have been able to break free of the normal routine and give ourselves a mini holiday, based at home! MrPB usually works away from home during the week but we have spent the last five days together, it has been so great just to be. So I have made a little journal of our time, more for our own records but I think you will enjoy it too.

Our first day we went for a pic-nic on Dartmoor. Dartmoor is one the most magical of places I've ever been.


There is always so much to explore and the sense of freedom roaming over the moors is exhilarating. It seems like a constantly changing place with so many different hide away places to visit, you could never get bored, actually we never do!

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Community crafting and Super Soup.

This post has been a long time coming! About a year in fact, when I started blogging I was so impressed by the support and creativity in this community I was inspired to do more. Here was the birth of a community quilt project. I gave everyone young, old, male, female, stitchers, non stitchers a blank square. All you had to do was decorate it.

After some time I got the square back and I have made a village quilt that is to have it's home in the village hall. A place that needs lots of love and making pretty, a perfect place then.

So today we hung the quilt and invited everyone along for tea and cake. So here is a our final quilt.

This Arthur's square he was the youngest (he had a little help)

These where my two squares

Plenty of tea and cake to go round!

We also used the village hall along side two lovely ladies that ran an event called Super Soup. For a donation to Christian aid you could some truely wonderful soups and home made bread.

All the hard work of making the quilt was really worth the lovely day  sitting around having soup then tea and cake. Villagers just dropping by for lunch and to see their square in the quilt, a really relaxed time but a real sense of community. I just love bringing like minded people together for crafts or food music whatever it just feels so great ( after all the worry of will any come or want to take part goes!)

I think I will really strive to work in groups more often.

PS a litle sneak preview of my OPOW!

Celebrating our hands

This is what I could spend hours and hours doing!

Friday, 23 March 2012

Den Building.

With spring well on it's way we have managed to build the most wonderful willow den. It great to have a creative experience working outside with natural materials. Now for those that are professional at this I know you may gasp at horror, but it's all ok! Yes I know that our willow den will not live and grow because it is under a tree but that isn't really the point for us. And I know that although I followed the instruction's on how to build a den generally I always think there is room for artistic interpretation.

All the same we had a wonderful time building, and now the smaller children will have there own special place in the garden. I will be sharing this on today's creative Friday over at

Thursday, 22 March 2012

celebrating our hands

I've been rather busy so have lapsed with the celebrating of our hands, but here I am returned! All celebrating with Josie

Today I have Arthur who wanted to have a pic nic with his pack linch box in the green house!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Knitting inspiration

I was lucky enough to have an amazing day trip to London with my Mum and sister at the weekend. We went to the Stitch and craft show at Olympia, it was really fantastic I didn't expect there to be so much.

This was a highlight for me though

Yes these amazing blankets from the Simply Knitting Magazine stall. They had a campaign called Comfort Blanket in aid of Refuge.

There was an e book available, each square was designed by famous knitters. They raised a whopping £2,049.50

I was totally inspired. Firstly a way to improve my not very good skills, secondly and project that can build slowly. I was thinking a square for me a square for charity, what a way the to improve. Any one else interested in joining me, I was thinking autumn time?

Friday, 16 March 2012

Celebrating our hands 12/31

Celebration with Josie . Today I give you one of my teenagers, they are unusual creatures in the like you to know they are there but will not be photographed easily or even participate willingly. So I took the sneaky opportunity whilst one of these boy versions was taking a little snack!!