Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Yarn Along

I always feel really happy that I'm able to join in with Ginny at for here weekly yarn along, I think it's because my knitting skills are not that great but I still love it!

Here in Devon it is our first proper frost this morning, I' m thankful I'm not planning to to dash off anywhere fast.I will be using the Wild Garlic, gooseberries and me by Dennis Cotter for the Gingered Pumpkin Chutney that I'm  making today. I have been very homely over the last few weeks berley travelling a few miles from home, I feel maybe I should get out in case the weather takes a turn!? I am still reading the Distant Hours and enjoying it too, and finally Om magazine, I am very inspired by yoga and have even made my own yoga top as seen on my sewing blog here : .

Finally the knitting, I have mastered moss stitch, oh it's so lovely! I am making a scarf for my Dads Christmas present in a gentleman's dark blue.

I look forward to seeing everyone elses progress today! x x x

Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Most Intense Apple Flavour Ever.

In the UK we have had a bumper crop of apples this year. All starting with dry spring so there was perfect blossom, a wet and sunny, wet and sunny summer, allowing for lots and lots of apples. Now at the end of the year we are having a rather warm November which has allowed for collecting the last few wind falls. Mr PB has managed to find an amazing cooker from the last tree standing in an old walled garden (now sadly a swimming pool ). So Saturday afternoon was for a batch of apple cooking.
First up a huge batch of stewed apples for the freezer.

Secondly was sour dough muffins with apples rains and Cinnamon.

Finally for the most intense apple flavour you will ever taste should you make it up, Apple Butter! Apple butter is like a condensed jam or preserve. It is easy to make :
3il of apples washed. Chop with skins and cores ect., put in pan cover with water and boil/ simmer until is mash able. Put all the mixture through a sieve, then weigh and for every IL you have of apples add 350g of soft brown sugar. The into a pan and simmer for along time until it becomes a thick creamy consistory. Put into jars. The scrape all the left over bits and eat with white toast!!

We often use blogs to share our enthusiasm and joys of life's adventures. Sadly it doesn't always go to plan, I blogged about my wonderful rosehip syrup that was at the time wonderful

Unfortunately it has all gone a bit fizzy and didn't preserve properly, although we did get to use some I did have to through some away too.  Better luck next year, so very disappointing.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Seasonal Tables.

I am celebrating autumn at the moment, all those lovely tones and falling leaves, if I could be a season it would be autumn! I have created a t seasonal table, in fact I have managed to keep my table going for a whole year now, so I'm feeling a little pleased with myself.

I like to be gentle on myself whilst still encouraging my creativity, so I know my tables are not perfect yet, but I have allowed myself enough room to make something new each year to add to it! Here is a little look at the table in different seasons.

ooops sorry couldn't get it to rotate think it had something to do with size.

I know many of you out there already have your own seasonal tables but I just want to say what a joy I find them. It's a reminder of my school days when we had nature tables, it evokes the season and brings the living into the house, I feel more connected with the outdoors , which is great as I love the outdoors!

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Tarka The Otter

Now mid week I have a day off, and lucky Arthur and I so did MrPB, so we all went out for the most inspiring autumnal walk. Our destination was Torridge, a walk along the Tarka trail which is for walker and cyclists. Although we have been here many time I always find it as enchanting as the first time. Our walk is perfect for little legs with so many things to strive on and see. This includes three very large bridges with the river Torridge flowing under, as the pathway is an old railway line there are bridges also to run under and so much wildlife and farm animals to observe. This has become a very popular tourist cycle route through the summer months, we too have been along on our bikes before, it is a Jewel of mid Devon.

Being a tourist area means time has been made to create lovely seats from time to time.

Sadly the autumn colours just don't shine through in my photos. The most amazing part of this walk is the fact that it is the birthplace of the story Tarka the Otter wrote in 1927.  This was a childhood favourite, you can some times still see otters here today, although I never have. But just as amazing we have seen salmon leaping on there way to spawn typically in Nov and Dec. ( I hasten to say one salmon!)
Having the most warm scrummy feeling that long autumn walks and pub dinners give me, I got home in the dark to dig out my copy of Tarka.

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Christmas Swaps.

If you are like me, a true fan of Christmas, along with all the planning, making, cooking, excitement, need I go on? Well you will be delighted to see that Linda from Natural Suburbia is hosting a Christmas swap.
My name is in the hat to join in and I'm brain storming now trying to think of something lovely to send. I think this extends a true arm in friendship over a beautiful festive period.