Friday, 27 January 2012

Home Baking.

It has become a little tradition for Arthur and I to bake a cake on a Friday, it's a little celebration and welcome to MrPB who has been working away all week. This week though I have followed in the footstep of the Barefoot Crofter  recently Jacqui had made a whole batch of cakes to supply the family for a while!

So here we are joining with Linda at for Creative Friday. quiet a selection top right to left: loaf of bread, chocolate and banana loaf, two almond and honey cakes. Bottom row right to left : banana and raisin muffins and three seed flapjack.

We often make cakes but I have noticed a real change in Arthur today in the way he helps, growing up fast in the answer to that !

Stop Thief, not another!!

The three seed flapjack is a real special one, I've made it into my first tutorial on my other blog if you want a peek.


The Barefoot Crofter said...

Wow- so fabulous, Charlotte. i really enjoyed doing a weekly baking session - and it lasted all week too! Love the look of those flapjacks xxx

Heather Woollove said...

Yum!!! Lots of healthy treats for a growing family.
You surely make me miss those days when my girls were small!!
(Did you realize that I have four daughters?!?!) :)

Mary said...

Good times with your son - looks like a lot of goodies...

Happy Whimsical Hearts said...

Your baking looks so wholesome and lovely :-)

I have a link up for people to share what they bake with their kids if you would like to add this post :-)

Warmly, Kelly

Carly said...

You guys have been so busy! Henry loves baking too, need to get him in the kitchen more I think, any excuse for more cake! Hope MrPB enjoyed the welcoming aroma of baked goodies on his arrival :) xx