Saturday, 24 December 2011

Were Going On A Bear Hunt !

I know we are all super busy and the festive fun has started but I wanted to mention quickly that today we went on a bear hunt! This was a little something extra for our festive fun, a trip to the theatre, in fact our first trip. Wow what a success! I am totally inspired to do this again and again.

In praise of a marvellous production that engaged a two and a half year old for an hour. Music, excitement, just the right amount of scariness held us all captivated. If you see this near you I whole heartily recommend a visit.
A very merry Christmas to you all.

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Yarn Along, a day of completion.

A day of completion! I am joining Ginny over at Small things for her weekly yarn along

Well I gave manged to finish the moss stitch scarf for my Dads Christmas present (it's shorter than I expected but it will tuck in nicely into his motorbike jacket). I have also finished my book the Distant Hours this morning in bed with a cuppa, what a treat.

My managing to complete things doesn't end there, I have had a good few things hanging around and this morning I have been on a mission. I have finished another padded hanger, they are Christmas presents, also a little gnome that has a little bed which will go in Arthur's stocking. I've also thrown in for good measure the felt ball that I made at the Steiner mother and baby group I run, we all really enjoyed the felting and I think we are all hooked!

Well that's my morning sorted,now to get on and finish my Christmas party dress you can see my adventures in dressmaking here

Hows your day going?

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Crafting in the community.

During my blog time of just under a year I have come to really enjoy this past time. I feel that I have some real friends in a cyber world, I feel supported, inspired and encouraged along my journey of crafting, dressmaking, family and anything else that happens to come along. But what about 'real life', do any of you get involved in crafting projects within the community you live?
Recently I have started a community quilt project which is a massive task, and I'm just not ready to explain it all yet but there has also been some wonderful light relief too. The back ground to this post is that my local town holds a Christmas tree festival in the church where all sorts of groups, charities and business decorate their tree, over sixty in total.
I have been really luck to be involved in two trees. The first being Shobrooke angels (shobrooke is my little village). We had a workshop in the village hall (all 1940s fans would adore it) and we made peg angels. It was a lovely experience of young, old newcomers and old timer all getting together and having a real laugh!

Here we can see Arthur's little angel, who looks as if she has had a little accident!! He was very insistent on making it all himself, I just managed brief moments of putting it together. Some of the others really made some beautiful angels.

The second tree I helped to make decorations was WEN the women's environmental network they are a very worth while group and I urge you to take a look . So for this group we wanted to up cycle our clothes or fabric stash to make hearts and stars. here was my offering

it was also a real enjoyment putting our decorations up and then bringing the family back to have a look at our own and every ones elses efforts.

                       the lace makers made about fifty of these and it took all year to do.

It has been a wonderful experience and I will now seek out opportunities to craft as a community or group again. Does other communities have projects that you get involved in?

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Christmas Swap.

Not only is it a very exciting day, the first day of Dec on the advent count down, but my postman bought me a very special delivery today. The most amazing Christmas gifts from Suzanne at Down in the meadow

These are the most cutest decorations ever, Suzanne take such care over her crafts ( have a look at her blog, she lives in the most wonderful home too). I hope she will like her slightly more rustic offerings from me and that it gets to her Christmas home soon.
This has all been possible thanks to the lovely Linda at Natural Suburbia 

I have hand on heart truly enjoyed this swap, it has bought the joy of Christmas !
Thank you again Suzanne.