Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Seasonal Tables.

I am celebrating autumn at the moment, all those lovely tones and falling leaves, if I could be a season it would be autumn! I have created a t seasonal table, in fact I have managed to keep my table going for a whole year now, so I'm feeling a little pleased with myself.

I like to be gentle on myself whilst still encouraging my creativity, so I know my tables are not perfect yet, but I have allowed myself enough room to make something new each year to add to it! Here is a little look at the table in different seasons.

ooops sorry couldn't get it to rotate think it had something to do with size.

I know many of you out there already have your own seasonal tables but I just want to say what a joy I find them. It's a reminder of my school days when we had nature tables, it evokes the season and brings the living into the house, I feel more connected with the outdoors , which is great as I love the outdoors!


Devonmama said...

I love your table, especially the hedgehogs! I put one out now and again, but always end up packing it away...I have a bag of seasonal bits and bobs I add to each year, I think I enjoy it more than the boys at the moment lol ;) xx

Val said...

Hiya, well done you, our table comes apart and is put back together again over and over, but then I allow the littlie to play with it, otherwise what's the point, I am not a look but dont touch mama lol.

Rosina {Rosy ~ Posy} said...

Hi charlotte :) Oh your seasonal nature tables look wonderful! I especially love your little teasle hedgehogs. So adorable :) We never had nature tables when I was a girl in school so doing it now with my children is so much fun, like being a kid again *grin*. Thanks for the kind comment on my photos to :)