Monday, 26 September 2011

Rosehip Syrup and Leg Warmers

Each year I seem to have a passion that I follow, lets say strongly. In the past wild food or foraging has been one of them, and to my delight I have some amazing recipes that I will seek out year after year, one of those is Rosehip Syrup. I used a recipe from the most fantastic book, Wild Food by Roger Phillips, it is a must in the world of food for free, the photography is stunning and creative.

After completing a lovely Autumn walk this weekend I had enough rosehips to make my syrup. Knowing that this syrup is so utterly amazing I have cut my rosehips by hand for the last few years, but this year I had a new gadget to help. MrPB bought me a little present from the recycling centre which at the time didn't go down to well! But now all is forgiven as this wonderful creation made my job so so much easier.

OOps picture gone a bit funny, sorry! This is the recipe :
1kg of rosehips
4 and half pints of water
450g sugar

. Mince up the rosehips and put in pan
. add 3 pints of boiling water, wait for it all to reboil
. infuse for 15mins
.strain through jelly strainer
. put rosehips back in pan
. add another 1 and half pints of water, bring to boil again
. infuse for another 10 mins
. strain again
. now reduce the rosehip water to a litre
.add your sugar and dissolve

eat on everything, but our favourite is with stewed apples, cream and syrup poured over the top.

I have also been busy knitting my first pair of leg warmers. I am not really a knitter although I am keen to improve. I really enjoyed making them, this pair will be off to Kent for my sisters birthday, but I am making myself a pair now.


charlotte said...

I have just been inspired and added this to an amazing blog yarn along .

pinkundine said...

Fab legwarmers, they look great :)

Also, your rose-hip cutting device looks awesome

Lisa said...

Very nice!! said...

after all these legwarmer posts i am getting keen on making a pair too! they look great!