Thursday, 3 November 2011

Tarka The Otter

Now mid week I have a day off, and lucky Arthur and I so did MrPB, so we all went out for the most inspiring autumnal walk. Our destination was Torridge, a walk along the Tarka trail which is for walker and cyclists. Although we have been here many time I always find it as enchanting as the first time. Our walk is perfect for little legs with so many things to strive on and see. This includes three very large bridges with the river Torridge flowing under, as the pathway is an old railway line there are bridges also to run under and so much wildlife and farm animals to observe. This has become a very popular tourist cycle route through the summer months, we too have been along on our bikes before, it is a Jewel of mid Devon.

Being a tourist area means time has been made to create lovely seats from time to time.

Sadly the autumn colours just don't shine through in my photos. The most amazing part of this walk is the fact that it is the birthplace of the story Tarka the Otter wrote in 1927.  This was a childhood favourite, you can some times still see otters here today, although I never have. But just as amazing we have seen salmon leaping on there way to spawn typically in Nov and Dec. ( I hasten to say one salmon!)
Having the most warm scrummy feeling that long autumn walks and pub dinners give me, I got home in the dark to dig out my copy of Tarka.

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Devonmama said...

We are so lucky to live here! We've not visited the Tarka trail yet, one day, we always try to avoid tourist time and the crowds :) Looks like you had a great day x