Friday, 16 September 2011

Changing of seasons

I don't know about you but I personally find that with a change of a season comes a time for some reflection and a time for planning. In my reflection time recently I have found that I am dealing with really big issues like who am I and where do I fit within my communities, also what do I stand for in the way I parent?? A bit scary hey, do you dare read on??................

To put it into a blogging sense I have been asking myself why do I do this? I'm not always sure I have anything of worth to pass on, but I know I enjoy this time to communicate and express myself. So although I may not be tackling huge global issues or putting down a heavy political footprint I think it's ok just to share our day to day. Really what I love most is just that, those of you that read my blog and all those other blogs that I read are massively inspirational just on the way you live your day to day. And of course I'm aware of the wider picture but I am now understanding that I am living in a more conscious or awakened state.
Well that leads me nicely to the more personal me......................

I have been pondering on the differences of my parenting, what I mean is my choices and skills are now very different from how I parented Luke 17 years ago to how I now parent Arthur who is 2. I am the same person and I wanted the same things for my children but how I live now has changed. Yes I'm alot older, wise, confidant, I know how to make things happen. I think that there has been an awakening of my conscious mind, I feel slightly mournful about this as I would like to provide my older children with the connected ness that I now feel. Yet again I would like to celebrate my forever changing journey, my older children have had a lovely upbringing with a spiritual essence but being more awaken I feel this has a real sense of purpose now, so watch this space.....................

What that really means is I'm ready to accept and move on to the new chapter, and at the moment the new chapter is autumn. I have been planning lots of lovely thing to do  but it started with enjoying some local sences in the park today!

Wonderful hey? Well thank you for baring with me, when I have moments of rambling. One last thing I would like to share that I am very excited about is that tomorrow I start my Joy de Berke mother and baby Steiner course, and that in time I will share more of.
Thank you, have a lovely weekend!

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