Wednesday, 5 October 2011

My First Yarn Along.

Firstly I need to say sorry to Ginny for putting my first link to Yarn along all wrong! Now I'm making amends and getting it right. please look at the site and see what everyone else is up to

My efforts are so so simple (I'm not really a knitter you know). My second pair of leg warmers, the first pair went off to Kent to my sister. I felt I should have a pair too.

And the book, well its obvious. I would like to say it is brilliant, I am a fan of Hugh but not having a TV means I was unaware if a new series. I feel this really has inspired me to try some new meals, and I feel I have reconnected with one of my hero's.


little macaroon. said...

ditto with the HFW hero-worship. But I notice you've covered up his face with your knitting - are you (like me) struggling to get used to that new haircut? (We're overseas so have not seen the tv programme either, maybe people who have watched the latest series are used to the brutal new look!)

Devonmama said...

That yarn looks like a lovely colour blue, you'll have really toasty legs soon! HFW fans here too...we met him a few years ago, he's a lovely man xx

Lisa said...

I did legwarmers last year on straight needles - hey, they're just as warm as in the round! But I've got to work myself up to using dpn's.

Becks said...

Big fan of HFW here too, and patiently waiting for the gifting season as I know someone will buy me this book (I've heard the big ones whispering lol). The legwarmers look a perfect colour, and you've given me an idea of what to cast on soon for Heather.
xx said...

i want to try legwarmers! they are so cute and are way more fashionable now than in the 80's i think! lol i have never actually heard of this book, or the fellow, but i am veg and always looking for new recipes!


nocton4 said...

oh Hugh, yum ! xx really, really want that book.
great knitting mama xx