Tuesday, 6 September 2011

My Growing Family

Lets make this clear from the beginning, no I am not expecting another baby!! I think four boys is enough for me.
What I do mean by growing family is that I have noticed during the summer that my lovely boys are moving on. You all know the scene, you catch up with friends through the summer and start to list the changes of the year and plans that each of your children will be partaking in. Well it was at this moment that I realised that as a family we are growing, that we are always changing, and as much as I want to celebrate this I do feel a little sad too.
The run down goes a bit like this:
Luke having just turned 17, yes 17!!! Luke will be starting his second year at college this week in Music technology. He has spend summers at festivals and DJing at friends party's. Wow he is so independent and has a love of music that just keeps him enthused and working hard. I am also really happy for him as he has just got himself a job after looking for many months.
Liam just never stops growing, now 15 he is at least a head taller than me and I'm not that short, and he takes a size 10 shoes, canoes!!! Liam is now heading into his last year of school, I feel for him in this pressured year. I want him to to still enjoy his friends and not to feel bogged down with making life decisions. Although in 6 months time we will have to think if he wants to go to college or stay on at 6th form?
Callum is now 12 and very much staring his journey in to teenager land. He is so very quick witted and makes us all laugh so much. I am still proud to see that he has amazing empathy. He is now settled into secondary school and has a lovely group of friends.
Arthur, no longer the tiny baby but a bouncing boy! I love his long arms and legs and the energy that just makes him want to walk the dog morning, noon and night. Arthur is such a cuddly little boy and can be so gentle when the mood takes but he certainly has a glint in his eye, and who wouldn't having three older brother to copy!
I am so very proud of my children and I do enjoy watching them grow, and grow they have. I can not believe how fast it seems to happen!

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