Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Home Corner

With the start of term in just a couple of weeks I thought it was a good time to prepare. I am a childminder to Arthur's friends, and we have had a lovely summer on our own soon the boys and girls will be returning to play with us most days.
I thought a home corner would be really nice as Arthur is really into role play at the moment. I moved everything away. I love doing this makes my living room feel new all over again! Unfortunately I had a small piece of plaster coming off the wall, by the time I had finished it was a rather big space! Knowing i don't have time to deal with this I have made the homely corner more homely by just covering it up!
When I was looking to cover the space up I found an old rag rug the I had many years ago and it fits in perfectly, Arthur jumped on it straight away.

  I think my make do and mend or rather more of the make do effort looks good. A duvet cover and a felt animal scene that I have been waiting to get up somewhere all seems to have come together. Arthur likes the home corner and rushed in to tuck baby into the crib.

I am pleased with my days work, but I feel a little something more is needed. I feel it is good that areas grow over time, I was thinking a table and chairs in the form of a tree trunk and logs for chairs all sandpapered and varnished. A little secret woodland home?

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The Barefoot Crofter said...

I love it - who wouldn't? Your cover up curtain is beautiful. I am sure Arthur will spend many hours playing there. xxx