Friday, 19 August 2011

Creative Fridays, Mythic Garden Visit.

I really enjoy taking part in creative Friday, following Natural Suburbia blog.I naturally find I am creative as often as possible and it is good to challenge myself by getting my children to be more creative too.
Today though I thought seeing as the weather has picked up again here in the UK it would be a good time to explore others creative efforts. So of to the Mythic Gardens on the edge of Dartmoor, Devon. I truly love this place, set in 5 acres of woodland, an arboretum with many species of silver birch. The sculptures are wonderful, magical in fact, along with those that are homed here permanently, they have new offerings every year, so it is a great place to go year after year! Although out of my price range, all the sculptures are for sale.
Now you will have to excuse me as this now becomes a photo fest, something I don't normally do is put many many photos up in one go. But this is such an amazing place I wanted you to experience it as much as possible!

The lady on the sheep is actually made by someone I know, not only does she have a smallholding, make here clothes, knit and make everything!! She is also a talented artist, one of my favourite pecies at the Mythic Gardens. If you are ever pass, do pop in !

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