Wednesday, 17 August 2011

There's a little place I know..........

Have I told you how much I love this time of year? For the simple fact that there is masses of lovely fresh fruit and veg everywhere. There is always something to make, and my taste buds are buzzing making all sorts to see us through till next year, when I get to start all over again!
There is a little place I know that has three wonderful plum trees. I have never seen anyone else picking from these trees and every year there are kilos and kilos, I pick bag fulls ready to make all sorts. This photo is in fact my second batch of plums.

I have become a plum snob as I can only eat good English and in season plums, nothing else compares. I make a good batch of jam, I like it rather tart! I also add loads to chutneys and I make a plum ketchup which is received with love from Mr PB as he has an allergy to anything from the tomato family, so he often lacks sauces and chutneys  ( but luckily he married the right girl and now his taste buds are happy).

I have also been rather inspired by rag rugs, in the past I have made a lovely wall hanging but what do you think of my rag rose broche?

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Devonmama said...

Lovely plums! Hoping someone will drop me some round soon, the first decent jam I made was plum so I have a soft spot for it! Your rag rugging (is that a word?!) is great too, great idea! xx