Friday, 18 May 2012

This week (creative friday)

Don't you find that simple things can give so much pleasure, or tasks that you have been wanting to do but never getting round too. I have been wanting to put up some family photos for, oh let me see two years at least! Well this week I finally got there and I'm really pleased with the out come.

I always have a pin board covered with images, children's certificates, all sorts. This also got an update.

I manges a little cross stitch, I'm really getting into it!

Arthur and his friends made cat masks and spent hours in not days being cats!

So rather a personal post of little lovelies, small but pleasing steps in our home. I hope your week has been as nice. I hope to share my new around the blogs, Linda, Sue and Justine have sharing sites over the weekend. Thank you to them for always hosting inspirational news.

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Devon Mama said...

I know what you mean about the simple things bringing the most joy Charlotte...your photos look great how you've displayed them, bet it makes you smile every time you walk by them :) xx