Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Journal of a novice cyclist : Exeter route.

This a journal of my cycle rides (as if you couldn't guess!!) . I have had many grand plans about cycling instead of using the car but really I cycle for fun. Today's little route is a mix of towns, canals and country, and beaches! Yes we have it all.

We started off at Eexter quay side, a thriving little area of pubs, cafes, cute little shops (oh and a billion tourists in the summer) but now it's a great place to be. Mingling around are old and new boats canoeists, rowing boats, cyclists walkers and runners, everyone enjoying a little sun.

The lovely thing about this route is there are so many stop offs. We cycled along the canal to Topsham and the Estuary. The route is about 4/5miles I think. And at the tip of land space we arrive at the Turf locks, a lovely pub which does some good food.

We intended to cycle further, along the route that takes to the beach, but we found a gate that was locked on route and I just couldn't face getting Arthur out of his seat so we turned back.

We took another stop off after a few miles at the Double locks this time

And most importantly what was I wearing, yes in compliance to the Me Made May, I wore self stitched linen trousers and 70s style yellow top (one of my favorites!) What an awful photo though!!

                             Ah this is better!! Arthur had a great time too with lots of stop offs.

And when we got home he was enjoying his den that we made this year, it's looking lovely.

And finally look what we found in the park!! Even Callums hair matches his suit!!

 A great day when the sun is shining, although I think I'm ready for a slightly longer ride now.

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