Friday, 17 June 2011

DRESSMAKING join the go slow clothes movement

I would like to invite you all to join me in the Go Slow Clothes Movement. This is simply aims to celebrate and support those that make or refashion your own clothes. By making or refashioning we are  breaking the curse of fast fashion which actually comes at a price to the environment and those that work within the industry. We are also celebrating the fact that we are not all a standard shape and by making our own clothes we are able to look good in clothes that fit properly. Finally if you make you love, which means are clothes are cared for and last longer which is a positive outcome in a material/ throw away society. I have created gadget/ picture, please feel free to put it on your own blog to show your support, just remember to mention this blog. There is also a go slow clothes group on to join and share photos (only one photo per day please).

Thankyou for your support.
Also feel free to come and visit my other blog, yes you've guessed it it's about my sewing journey that I started in Jan this year.


Linda said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend:)

suzanne said...

Hello Charlotte

I forgot to mention in my last comment to you hat I will be opening my trading shop once again very soon. I have taken a long break but I have had a few requests to open again.

A happy day to you

Heather said...

Someday I will definitely make more of my own of now the only thing that I sew well are skirts...with elastic waists :-) But, I can knit socks! Maybe I do have a new wardrobe in the works!