Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Yarn along and Pin cushion / needle case swap.

Good morning all! It's the lovely Yarn along day, I so look forward to putting up my little creations and view everyone Else's amazing creations!

So firstly I have finished my little scarf, and yes it's little I ran out of  yarn. To be honest it was a practice run at the yarn over at each end to make a shawl, which now I really really want to do. Actually Arthur said I was wearing a bib!! Not deterred by this I think it will be quiet sweet under a jacket as a little neck warmer.

Over come with confidence I have started my next project, a cowl. Maybe not the weather for it but when I started it had been rain for for a week and a half solid! I'll continue though I think

The exciting news is that myself and a friend Rachel are hosting a pin cushion and needle case swap. It's open to everyone so I just wanted to invite you. See if I can tempt you, have a look

Finally still reading, it's so good. I couldn't tell you anything so not to spoil it, just wonderful, interesting, cultural...... So I go on.
Enjoy this weeks Yarn Along, Thanks Ginny.


House of Pinheiro said...

lovely little scarf... I'm desperate to find to be crafty ..

Donna said...

I love my cowls. I was wearing mine yesterday - who would think it in the beginning of May that it would be that chilly?

Liz said...

The cowl looks great so far, I love the colour! :)

A Faithful Journey said...

The little neck scarf is lovely...and I agree that it will be perfect under a jacket of some sort! :)

Cheryl said...

We're a bit further north than you and the temperature and rain would be perfect for a cowl at the moment. At least it will be ready for the Autumn. Your neck scarf looks lovely (and not like a bib.)