Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Yarn Along

Following Yarn along with Ginny, I am pleased to announce a little confidence in my new found skill. I have always wanted to knit a shawl, although I'm not ready for anything fancy I now understand yarn over! So here I am stash busting (not that I have a bit stash!) with this lovely cotton yarn. 

I am so happy with my little holes at either end, it's simple but suits me. I am hoping I have enough yarn to make up a little scarf.

And yes still reading this, BRILLIANT! As I said before I'm still open for friends on good reads, which is great.


Charlotte said...

nice work on the scarf Charlotte! x

Andria said...

Lovely scarf so far! I read a Fine Balance, and I still think of it now and again (I read it a few years ago). It was so moving, and wonderfully written, and sad. I'm on Goodreads too, I love anywhere I can makes lists of things!

Marfa said...

I just saw that book at my parent's house...maybe I'll ask them if I can borrow it! ♥ Your scarf looks great so far!!!