Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Over Easter we had such a lovely time with all my boys together, my Mum and Dad plus one of my sisters with her hubby and son. A full house. Our family is truly a foodie bunch, way before anyone had made any other arrangements all meals had been accounted for.

We planned a afternoon tea, everyone made something. On each plate I placed an egg cup with egg cosy that I made and a little suprise for everyone underneath!

On the lovely cake stand that my bought as a present are the wonderful strawberry cheese cake cupcakes.

This Noah who made as laugh as whenever he asks for more food he just shouts "cake"

I though it would be a great opportunity to get all my boys for a together photo, Mmmm they don't look to impressed do they?

I hope you had a lovely Easter break whatever Easter means to you, maybe a filled with food as ours!


Julie said...

You have such beautiful children, and Arthur's face in that one photo as he's staring at the food is priceless!

charlotte said...

oh thanks, they look really grumpy here and refused a smile!