Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Yarn Along

Since I found out about yarn along with Ginny at I have just wanted to be able to knit something g more than a square. I took up this challenge in a very serious manor! My offering was a beginners waistcoat, clever see, no arm or button holes. Well this is what happened :

From here it all looks ok until

yes it's about three sizes to big and one side is longer than the other. I worked to hard for so long!!

Maybe a belt would help?

well a sack of potatoes springs to mind!

Maybe I'll wear it around the house.

At least I had managed this refashion earlier in the week. Blogged about here

So now what? I feel that my down fall may have been a long top, how about something smaller. I am still keen but not sure what direction to take, any ideas?


Jessica Snell said...

oh no! At least it's a pretty color? Small comfort, I'm sure!

Kelly de Vries said...

I LOVE the fingerless gloves! I have some free knitting patterns for fingerless gloves linked on my site-

Carly said...

I think it looks good with the belt! I avoid anything big now as the jumpers I knitted for hubby and myself didn't turn out 'as I expected' mmm! Good luck with your next project, it's all experience isn't it? xxx

Julie said...

I think it's great that you finished it, and it does look good belted. You can rock it, for sure! And I do love the fingerless gloves - those are awesome!