Monday, 26 March 2012

Mini holiday at home. part1.

With the welcome sunny days of spring we have been able to break free of the normal routine and give ourselves a mini holiday, based at home! MrPB usually works away from home during the week but we have spent the last five days together, it has been so great just to be. So I have made a little journal of our time, more for our own records but I think you will enjoy it too.

Our first day we went for a pic-nic on Dartmoor. Dartmoor is one the most magical of places I've ever been.


There is always so much to explore and the sense of freedom roaming over the moors is exhilarating. It seems like a constantly changing place with so many different hide away places to visit, you could never get bored, actually we never do!

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Julie said...

Oh my, that is just lovely. And these pictures are a testament to why Americans love England - we want to go on a rambling walk across the moors like so many of our ancestors did. What a great day you had. Thanks for sharing these pictures!