Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Yarn Along, with lots to say!

Today it's Yarn Along over at the Small Things blog written by Ginny, very beautiful and worth a visit (although you have probably here via her link!).

Big knitting plans for 2012, I have just started my first following a pattern. Everyone is so inspiring and cam knit almost anything, I'm desperate to be alble to knit something wearable for myself (no more leg warmer though!) So here it is my first pattern chosen for it's beginners capability, also I think it's rather cute.

As you can see I have only just started and I'm using the same colour as the girl in the picture.

As for books, I'm always surrounded by those to flick through, those to read more of and those to devourer!

The chakra bible is to assist with my yoga that I'm trying to fit in 3/4 practises a week. But in doing this I want to be more mindful rather than just Miss bendy sstretchy. The second boo is the Colette handbook, I got it for Christmas it is a dressmakers dream, I am planning to join a sew along that covers the whole book! I your interested please look on my sewing blog and follow the post or button. Finally not shown here but I am reading Possession a romance, by A.S.Byatt.

A few other bits and bobs in my life, it is a beautiful morning here so Arthur and I climbed the nearest hill called Raddon top to look at the breathtaking spectacular views. That's what you need when you've been kept awake for hours with teething toddlers, something to lift the spirits! The photo doesn't really show it's glory but on a good day and a good camera you can see the full 360 degrees of Devonshire countryside. I think those of us that live here are feeling a little proud of out Dartmoor as the opening of the War Horse opened at the cinemas a day or so ago, a story of a boy and his horse, based or starting in Dartmoor. I really want to see it, maybe next week?

And finally we have our winter king on the seasonal table, with the little addition of Jack frost who dances around! I finally finished him last week.

I hope your week is going well .


Victoria said...

Such a lovely pattern! That seems a great color to knit with to keep cheery in the winter months. I hope all goes well with your project!

Devonmama said...

What a lovely photo of your Arthur and his doggy! We like to get them dog-walking young too :) Looking forward to seeing your cardie done, it looks like a pretty pattern, great colour too xx

Rebecca said...

That knitting pattern looks great! And, the sew-along looks pretty enticing. I'm off to check it out!