Friday, 28 October 2011

Preparing for Spring

Today our efforts for creative Friday (joining in with the wonderful ) We have been preparing for spring, although this seems slightly mad seeming as it only just autumn! We have been planting bulbs into two large pots that sit on our front doorstep. We do this each year and it never fails to amaze me , near the bottom we have tulips, then on top we have daffodils, then crocus and then a little greenery to see us through the winter.

So the plan is in the spring, all effort made by mother nature will provide us with flowering pots that will last into the summer.


Devonmama said...

I love a bit of colour in the garden, what a great idea your pots are! I will pull my finger out and do something like this one day xx

softearthart said...

Just delightful, cheers Marie