Friday, 1 July 2011

Wild Swimming or Extreme Paddling!

I have yet another new book (we all have our vises!) Wild Swim by Kate Rew, it is fantastic! If you are not from the UK do excuse me but I'm sure will appreciate the feeling rather than know the places!!
The photos are just lovely and inspiring if you love wild places, and it is a easy referance book for the whole of the UK . Lots of areas described in detail and how to get there, and a whole map of the UK with lists of 300 different places to swim. I was so thrilled to see that I had one been to  a few of them already and two knew sevral of the others aswell. I was so inspired that I wanted to be off wild swimming that very evening, luckily it was a sunny day, and luckily I knew of a lovely little spot just a few miles away from home, perfect!

My enthusiasm was there but not queit enough, it was freezing!! So rather than wild swimming I managed extreme paddling, but I really enjoyed myself and the best was yet to come.

Being out and about can be a hard time when you know we were all going to be hungry, so we bought dinner with us. I was so lovely shelling broad beans that I had picked from the garden an hour earlier, Arthur was a little dissapointed as he thought I was going to catch a fish and have it for our tea! Ater paddling and eating we just explored and threw stones into the water and genrally had the best evening, I even had enough time to get back for my yoga class, all simply perfect but slightly amazed at ouselves as it's not alway like this.

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