Sunday, 12 June 2011

 Juno magazine, a review.

Juno magazine states its aims are to enrich family life and relationships by encouraging reflection, self acceptance and peaceful parenting, building a sense of community and celebrating the roles as parenting and homemaking, with all of the associated joys and challenges.

I think it does this pretty well! I wait in desperation for my next copy to come in the post, this can feel like a long time as it is only published three times a year.
It is the best parenting magazine around by far. It supports parents/ carers who want to enrich our children's lives, with understanding there are obstacles and difficulties which they don't shy way from discussing. Juno celebrates the alternative without being judgemental, I enjoy reading different points of view without feeling that I must conform.
 I feel there is a real sense of community as well, it encourages readers to become writers (if you are successful you get a years subscription). Of course there are regular feature, columns and refreshing articles that link with the well known ( steve Biddulph in spring 2011 issue)
It really is worth a look, there web site is also good has plenty of older articles to re read, and an option to purchase just the one trial copy, or get a load of back issues!!

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Deb said...

Hi Charlotte - I'm looking forward to following your new blog. Parenting is such a wonderful journey - one that I embrace, but constantly wonder if "I'm doing it right". It will be great to share your thoughts and ideas.